Since its founding in 1992, the Suwannee Valley Genealogy Society has devoted its resources, and the time of its tireless membership, to discovering and preserving the rich heritage of the Suwannee Valley region and its people.

From its beginning in the early 1820s, the history of the settling and taming of the wild north central region of Florida is filled with danger, hardship, and perseverance. From Indian raids to fever epidemics, raging river floods to blistering droughts, natural predators and the unnatural two-legged kind, there is enough drama and adventure here to fill a hundred novels.

But it isn’t the dates and places and events that create history; it’s the people who live through those times and those events, and who survive to tell the story. And those who don’t survive, whose story must be told by someone else.

The Suwannee Valley Genealogy Society is dedicated to learning all we can about the intrepid people who dared the wilderness and settled in this region of Florida, and to preserving their stories of courage and endurance for future generations.

Perhaps you are a direct descendant of some of Florida’s early pioneers, and your roots are planted deeply in Suwannee delta soil. Or perhaps your own family tree was transplanted here from another time and place and has taken root more recently.

It doesn’t matter how you arrived in the Suwannee Valley, or what your familial connection to the region might be. We welcome you to use our resources and join us in our search for family.