Suwannee Valley
Genealogy Society

P. O. Box 967
Live Oak, FL 32064


President: Jinnie Hancock

Vice-President: Billy Williams 

  Secretary: Ednell Newbern

David H. Shapiro   

Standing Committees

History: Dale Baker 

Cemeteries: AL Williams

Quarterly Editor: Jinnie Hancock




The Suwannee County Genealogical Society was organized in 1992, is governed by annually elected officers from the membership, and changed its name in 1997 to Suwannee Valley Genealogical Society to recognize the participation and contributions of surrounding counties.


Primary concern is Suwannee County and the surrounding counties of north central Florida, consisting of Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison, and Taylor counties.


To collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge and information of genealogical and related historical, heraldic and biographical data; to promote interest in research in those fields; to teach the use of efficient methods and adhere to principles of accuracy and thoroughness in research; to publish works of the society; and to promote the collection and preservation of local records which are of genealogical or historical value.


Membership is open to any person interested in promoting the objectives stated above. Meetings are held on the first Thrusday of each month at 7:00 P.M., in the Suwannee County Band building on Wilbur Street at Suwannee Avenue, two blocks west of US-129 and two blocks south of US-90. All Visitors are welcome.


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